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Remembering Bhal Khobor (good news):

Here at @manuhemanuhorbabe1 on Twitter and on Facebook, we have a following that is truly based out of a love for inspiring and positive news. Honestly, we think that there already is a lot happening, and not all of it is inspiring or positive to incite change of the good kind.

So keeping in mind the spirit of our team, we are remembering Saurav Kumar Chaliha or SKC, one of Assam’s most popular short story writers who has inspired a generation of young readers in Assam and outside to start a ritual of celebrating January 1st as Bhaal Khabaror Din (Good News Day).

Started in 2010 to mark one of his feel-good essays in an Assamese daily published on January 1, 1998. In that piece, he had underlined the importance of starting the New Year with positive news. Almost a hypothesis for the work we are doing, and want to do.

So go on your handles and tag us on anything positive right now!


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