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Resident 1: House-Sparrow

Updated: Nov 20, 2019

In a small village of Borbali Samua, a little village in the Lakhimpur district of Assam , some school going kids have been going around telling people of the incentives in regards to houses made of cardboard boxes.

The villagers are not only convinced by them, but they have till now built up about one or two, per household, with discarded material till now.

You might think that that does not quite sound right – for of course the houses are not for humans to live but for the tiny and adorable, chirpy, industrious, oft-beleaguered creature: the house sparrow.

The house sparrow despite being one of the most commonly found bird species in urban as well as rural areas of India, is facing a rather bleak and uncertain future.

Its numbers are declining and experts fear that the disappearance of the bird would mean a great disruption to the ecosystem itself.

This social bird, often found in groups of eight to ten, has learned to live in close contact with humans and has coexisted peacefully with humans for years. But the last two decades have seen a steep decline in its population.

So to help alleviate the status of the birds, and increase the population of the house sparrow, Prabal Saikia, the chief scientist at the Regional Agricultural Research Station (RARS), Assam Agricultural University at North Lakhimpur, came up with a solution – low-cost cardboard nests.

These cardboards are meant to not only keep away predators but, also foster a social environment for the birds that might lead to a rapid increase to the population of these sparrows.

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