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Open Access : Hotel policies revised under GMC

Updated: Sep 25, 2019

Access is a virtue, and access for all is a virtuous policy.

But virtues are seldom kept true to, so when GMC made a stunning declaration a few days ago clearly there were a lot of takers for it.

In a bid to stop public urination in Guwahati, every toilet in a hotel, restaurant, even those of five star hotels, are now public toilets and can be used by anyone without ordering food or paying for the same. 

As per reports, GMC Commissioner Debeshwar Malakar said that although 33 bio-toilets have been installed in the city, that is not enough to serve the purpose. Hence, to accommodate more, this decision has been taken.

It is to be mentioned that as per the Centre’s guidelines, the toilets of hotels and restaurants, irrespective of their star category, have to allow the general public to use their facilities. The provision for the same has already been included in the Municipality license. 

The GMC Commissioner also said that if any hotel, restaurant or shopping mall authority refuses to provide the service, then penalties would be levied.

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