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Sanghamitra Kalita: Journalist Extraordinaire

Cablefax is known for picking impeccably placed professionals, who are doing outstanding work at the bejewelled posts of their lists.

One such list is the 'Most Poweful Women's and one such woman is Sanghamitra Kalita, Vice President of CNN's Digital Relations and, a journalist of much repute.

She had been on LA Times also, where she won for the company its 45th Pulitzer, for reporting the story of the San Bernardino shooting that occurred in the US in 2016. Prior to joining the LA Times, Kalita had been an executive editor of Quartz and had also worked at The Wall Street Journal, Mint and the Washington Post.

Mitra was reported as stating that the success of journalism rests on two important factors: how good the story is and how good is the distribution.

How adaptive is one to different devices and platforms and how accessible, relatable,intimate and authoritative is it.

Sanghamitra Kalita, 30 had earlier won the Pulitzer prize for her outstanding work in journalism.

But this story is important for other factors other than this, but that she was born to Assamese parents: Mahesh Kalita and Nirmala Kalita – her mother was brought up in the Santipur area of Guwahati. Sanghamitra’s paternal family had settled down in Sadiya, a place of which she remembers fondly.

Sanghamitra received her Master’s Master’s degree from Columbia Graduate School of Journalism.

We wish Mitra the best of life, and that she may continue doing excellent work and making way back Assam proud! For more such news, follow ManuheManuhorbabe1 on Twitter and on Facebook.


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