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Sishu Mitra: For each child...

Assam Chief Minister, Sarbananda Sonwal launched the 'Assam Police Sishu Mitra' programme by unveiling Child Friendly Police Jackets in Guwahati on August 22.

With the collaborative initiative of Assam Police and UNICEF India along with UTSAH Assam this programme focuses on bridging gaps between police and children.

UNICEF India on their Twitter handle wrote,“All stakeholders need to work together. It's important and we will ensure that. It is also important for the entire society and all citizens to come forward to ensure the rights of children.”

It is to be mentioned that Assam Police's Shishu Mitra programme is a first-of-its-kind in India and is committed of becoming a citizen centric police force.

As part of the programme, a child-friendly kit will be provided that will include a jacket and a manual. These jackets have a child-friendly colour that would help in altering the mood and behaviour of children when they meet the Police. 

According to the POCSO Act 2012, mandates the police to not wear their uniform while recording the statement of children. 

However, due to practical constraints, these procedural provisions are often overlooked. Hence to address this challenge, the newly launched jackets have been designed to overcome these loop holes.

Steps like this make us believe that the leadership of Chief Minister Sarbananda Sonowal is bringing changes that we had never seen before. For more stories like this, follow us @ManuheManuhorbabe1 on Twitter and on Facebook.

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