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Sri Surya Pahar - The Land, The Story: Tourism and Spirituality

Assam “the mystic land “of historical abodes is still oblivious to national and international lists of travel places. There are many places of Assam which are still not in the focus of tourism hotspots but are full of historical relevance. One such special place is SriSurya Pahar located in Goalpara district.

Sri Surya Pahar has the highest number of Shivalings in all over India and the myth goes on that it has almost 99999 Shivalings in its original form. Sri Surya is located in the Goalpara district on the southern bank of Brahmaputra, in western Assam closer to Bangladesh border. In terms of socioeconomic aspects, these areas are some of the least developed in Assam and practically there is no tourism scene to speak of. Like most other major archaeological sites of ancient Assam, Sri Surya is located above a series of hillocks not very far from the Brahmaputra which can be seen from the top of the hillock. Considering its location, it can easily be imagined to be a major city of the ancient times. It was probably also a prosperous trading centre near the river.

This was not just a solitary temple but a combination of Hindu, Buddhist, and Jain shrines, a thriving multi-religious melting pot akin to Ellora although the artefacts are not as detailed or sophisticated. Looking at the expanse and diversity, it can be guessed that they were built over several centuries by different patrons. Some apparent references to the site can be found in in 9th and 10th century religious texts so it must be older than that. In fact certain Buddhist remains suggest that they are close to 2000 years old.

Located about 12 kms south east of Goalpara town the SriSurya Pahar is an ancient Sun worship centre.

Pantheons are scattered in an area of about one km. Literally an art gallery of sculptures, and Surya pahar is dotted with ruins of several old temples. A few years ago, some archaeologists unearthed a few shivalings and even houses which shows that there was indeed a thriving civilization.

Tourists can enjoy the beautiful scenic road to Goalpara from Guwahati when visiting SriSurya pahar. Tourists can reach Goalpara by road, train and flight service till Guwahati. The best time to visit Goalpara is winter season which stretches from October to March. Between February and March syncing with Shivratri Sri Surya Mela is organized which is a big attraction for the localites and people located nearby areas of other districts as thousands of vendors put up their shops of various items varying from kitchen utensils to fancy items and available at very cheap rates. Various local delicacies are also made available in the make shift hotels during the Mela.

Sri Surya Pahar is one tourist spot which have a great potential but needs proper limelight. Assam is full of potential tourism spots and with time they are getting focus which is eventually making them famous and making people to visit them. Did you know about all of this? To keep in touch and stay updated, tag @ManuheManuhorbabe1 on Twitter and on Facebook.

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