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Stories, Police and Morality:

The Assam Police's initiatives have now far exceeded the expectations of the people, not only in Assam but all around the world. In a recent move, Kula Saikia (IPS) was seen as tweeting that the popular short story collection based out of the realities and moralities of police, and their action "The Litter Sentinels", is now going to be translated into English and will be available for dowload on the Assam Police Wesbite. What is extremely endearing about this process is that we all know, how and why and sort of what stories are; and how they can become a primary tool for learning and teaching.

We give to our readers, the fresh download link: bit.ly/2slGy8G And offer huge congratulations to AP. At MMB, we continuously try to make sure that the efforts of those working for us, are not overlooked. This effort is made through you, in your comments and opinions; so join the discussion on Twitter ad on Facebook.

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