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Take a Refreshing Break with Travel & Tourism in Assam

About Assam:

Assam is a beautiful state of India situated in north east part of the country. It is located on the bank of Brahmaputra River flanked by neighboring north-eastern states and countries of Bhutan and Bangladesh. Along with travel & tourism Assam, Assam is also famous for having world famous tea gardens. People also visit here to know about mystical land of Assam. Temple of Goddess Kamakhya provides spiritual peace & famous for black magic. Aghoris visit this temple to learn black magic.

Travel & Tourism Assam:

Assam is assumed to be sparkling jewels of Northeast India since it draws tourists from all over the world. Assam is full of natural beauty & this state has untouched as well as unexplored wealth of nature. On the bank of Brahmaputra River, tea plantation creates majestic scenes. Tea plantations are expanded all over the state and look like a never ending emerald blanket. The people of Assam lead simple life & they are devoted to their cultures & traditions. After meeting local people, you will feel & see the clear insight of their active way of living that is simple but unique in its own way.

Since Assam is beautiful travel destination, travel & tourism Assam will give you peace of mind with a refreshing break apart from your stressed daily routine. You will experience a different type of power inside you that will motivate you to move forward in life.

Assam Travel News:

Assam is famous for being the home of large number of National Parks. Kaziranga National Park and Manas National Park are among the World Heritage Sites by UNESCO, which serves as an abode to a wide variety of wildlife, birds and flora.

Assam offers a wide range of tourist’s attractions but Assam Tourism News will help you to get information about major sightseeing attractions & thus it will be easy to find destination where you have to reach.

Assam News about Tea Gardens:

Assam is also famous for tea gardens which produce fragrant and best quality tea. Spread crosswise over sections of land of land, these nurseries produce various kinds of tea like white, dark and green. You can walk around these tea gardens which offer fantastic environment. Visiting the land in November offers you a chance to encounter the Tea Festival.

A visit to tea gardens of Assam will give you refreshment & also you can enjoy the colors of culture of Assam during tea festival.


Temple of Maa Kamakhya is the center of devotion situated in Nilachal hills of Guwahati; this auspicious site is where Shiva scattered the yoni (womb) of his beloved wife. This is one of the oldest Shakti Peeth.

National Park:

Kaziranga National Park is the world famous national park & is famous for one-horned rhino and royal tiger. The park hosts 2/3rd’s of the world’s rhino population, and the highest density of tigers. You can also see here a collection of rare species such as the golden langur, roofed turtle, pygmy hog, and hispid.


Museum in Guwahati has a huge collection of ancient rarities of normal history, human sciences, epigraphy, models, society craftsmanship, and arms accumulations. Like all exhibition halls, this one holds objects of incredible chronicled and social criticalness. You should look at the reproduced innate homes to get a vibe of quintessential Assamese culture.

Digboi Golf Course:

In the midst of the huge breadths of thick woods and flawless tea domains lies the 18-opening fairway of Digboi, viewed as the best green in the entire of Upper Assam. Consistently, competitions, at both national and global level, are played here.

Enjoy the Culture of Assam & Celebrate the Sprit of Unity with Bihu:

The significant celebration of Assamese individuals is Bihu, which is praised thrice a year to introduce various seasons. Set apart by celebrations, customary move and melodies, brilliant clothing types and mouth-watering nourishment, Bihu offers a chance to learn and encounter the way of life and conventions of the Assamese.

Enjoy the Sunrise on Bank of Brahmaputra:

It is believed that few other things can compare in beauty with the spellbinding golden Hue that is cast on the Brahmaputra by the rising sun. It is a show stealer and will create memories of a lifetime.

These major sightseeing attractions of Assam will give you refreshment & you will enjoy a lot. Also you can get more information about Assam, Assam Tourism News, as well as latest updates of Assam, you can browse Manuhe Manuhor Babe. Manuhe Manuhor Babe is a news website that provides information about Assam, & its culture & Assam News updates.

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