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The Leader of our Times: Megh Dahal

Updated: Jul 16, 2019

People say that charity begins at home, but the world outside it as also as important.

Your home is not secluded or separate from the rest of the world, so any positive change should be adopted both at home and outside to reap actual benefits.

These were the thoughts running through 32-year-old IAS officer Megh Nidhi Dahal when he implemented a zero plastic policy in his workspace. An advocate of eco-friendly lifestyle, Megh realised that observing positive habits at home was not enough to make a substantial difference. However, conducting such a big event plastic-free was a challenge.

The transformation started with the replacing of plastic and thermocol plates with reusable melamine plates. A total of 1,200 plates were rented, and the people were served in batches.

A conscious choice of food to minimise plastic use was also done. The next step was to replace plastic glasses with those made of glass and for the first time using corn starch bowls instead of thermocol ones.

This, however, is not an action in isolation. For the past three years in Assam, he has been promoting a no-plastic environment in the government offices by replacing plastic or paper cups with earthen cups.

Megh further shuts down the impression that eco-friendly products or life choices are a considerable burden on the pocket.

We appreciate such steps by individuals like Megh who not only set a powerful precedent for the entire country but also reiterate the fact that indeed change can begin from a single point and grow into a phenomenon! It is to be noted that his efforts were not being created in and out of a vacuum ecosystem, the current Government under the leadership of Sarbananda Sonowal has helped the fulfillment of aspiration of sustainable growth. Share and tag us, @ManuheManuhorbabe1 on Twitter and on Facebook. We would love to hear from you!


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