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The Moitri Scheme: Policing and Image Management

Chief Minister Sarbananda Sonowal has been since the very beginning been very ardent in the approach of creating a police force that only provides exemplary service to the people of the State.

It is right, their uniform carries a lot of power and responsibility.

Adding onto this sentiment therefore, he said in a recent conference:

"The oath they took while wearing the uniform must be upheld in all circumstances and the Assam Police personnel must stay away from all such acts that might tarnish their reputation and stain their uniforms.”

Urging the police personnel to stay steadfast in the face of temptations and inducements, Sonowal said that many police officials in the state had made tremendous sacrifices in the line of duty and their examples must be followed to provide dedicated and selfless public service.

But of course, there have been certain gaps that have formed, and to abridge them, the MOITRI scheme has been important. It aims to build an amicable relationship between the public and police. Under the scheme, the state government plans to reconstruct 346 police stations with an investment of Rs 2 crores each, within a period of five years. 

The main motive of the scheme is to convert and remodel all the police stations in such a way that distance between the common people and the police force is abridged.

The governing body of MOITRI is headed by the chief minister of Assam, Sarbananda Sonowal and holds a meeting every year to take major decisions and review the works. The executive body is headed by director general of police Kuladhar Saikia that holds a meeting every month to discuss various issues. But the day-to-day activities are taken up by the Assam Police Housing Corporation (APHC) which is the implementing aimplementing agencygency of project MOITRI.

We, at ManuheManuhorbabe recognise that newer challenges emerge everyday, posing threats to peace and harmony in society, and it is the Police that help us. This delivery of service is noble, and we offer our greatest support to them. For more such news and update, follow us on Twitter and on Facebook.

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