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War On Corruption

Updated: Nov 23, 2019

The Right Way Forward: Foundations for Good Governance

Since 2016, a war has been raged on crime, gross malpractices, misdemeanour and misconduct; basically any component that is structured of and has at its core strands of fraudulence, a lack of integrity, and proves to be detrimental to the vision of a new Assam – that is based on the foundations of commitment to development and an honest work that rests not on mere exhibitionism, or hoodwinking by useless laying of foundation stones.

These drastic, yet effective changes are being brought home by the leadership of the current BJP-led government placed in Assam, under the leadership of Chief Minister of BJP Government in Assam, Sarbananda Sonowal. Since his election into office, staying true to his campaign promises, he and the invigorated, vigilant government has helped the administration crack down on a number of scams, and palm-greasing activity from within the circles assumptive of government veils of protection.

Under this pretext, the government has begun a crusade, a war on corruption, debasement. Committed to good governance; a necessary and elementary component of democracy: All the policies, organisations, and establishments which were languishing and engaged in a sort of slug-fest under the previous Congress-run government for close to 15 years, infested with an abuse of power, and transgressions of many kinds have been sought by the current government to be remedied, and corrected. The crackdown on eight major scams, including the high-profile Assam Public Service Commission (APSC) cash-for-jobs scandal has been brought to light; and undergoing judicial review.

These stringent measures have been appreciated by the people, with Transparency International India (TII) a leading non-political, independent, non-governmental anti-corruption organisation, hailing Assam as the top ranking state in terms of transparency and proper and organised budgetary practices in its report published in 2019.

Zero tolerance to crime, crusader against corruption, transparency international, online budget, comment on the ex-government, institutions that had been languishing under the past govt since he took charge in May 2016, 315 of them, including an IAS officer and several heads of autonomous bodies, have been arrested on corruption charges.

The government has time and again emphasized and underlined the proactive role of the media to help the citizenry become active and hold the government accountable. With an array of policies like the abolition of illegal check gates, checks on zero interference on agencies investigating corruption cases, e-tendering, detecting ghost children on welfare policies, and elimination of interviews at grade 3 and 4 levels being only few of them – the government has introduced a systematic usage of Digital Methods – tracing the ideal from the Digital India – a model initiative of the Centre, as enshrined by the BJP; to ensure a progressive development of the state.

In a short span, the administration has helped foster work ideals and inculcate ethics that are based on the creation and maintenance of regulatory systems; that strengthen management capacities – with enhanced and updated information systems, combined in a virtuous triangle of anti-corruption knowledge, accountability, and an environment that allows for a democratic germination of people’s movements. The state’s success with Right to Information (RTI), and healthy people’s agency to be critical are only proof of the government’s efforts coming to fruition – an effort that should and will only be carried forth.

The current government under the capable leadership of, CM of Assam, Sarbananda Sonowal, has raged what is seen as a war on corruption; a zero tolerance policy has been adapted that has created a sphere of honest institutional and administrative practice. And it is about time that we, citizens, become not only active in this drive but also extend appreciation where appreciation is due.

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