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World record Poetry:

Updated: Nov 22, 2019

Gobinda Kumar Biswas, a resident of Maligaon has set four records, two state and two world records. 

Biswas has set the state record for a poem written on the longest paper. His poem is based on motherhood and is 450 lines, written on a paper measuring 18 feet. 

The second state record he set is for writing the shortest poem of 7 words on a peeple/pipal leaf in Assamese. Both these records were awarded to him by the Assam Book of Records which is a trust that awards “talents in northeast India, regardless of age and field.” 

In addition to his state records, Biswas has also set two world records. He has set the world record for a category, ‘newest invention’ for picture poetry and multi-language poetry. 

These two records were awarded to him by Kalam’s books of records which “documents unique talented individuals or groups from different countries and sets a benchmark for achievements in every field of accomplishment.” 

“All my records are on poetry and based on women, their life and pain,” said Biswas, explaining that this is an outlet for his creativity and he is humbled to receive these awards.

On April 5, he also achieved the India Star Icon Award for social work and poetry (record). 

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