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Worried Of Plastic Bottles? Well What about Bamboo Bottles?

An entrepreneur from Assam has come up with an out-of-the-box idea to make his product stand out. Dhritiman Borah, an exporter of Bamboo products, has given the world a sustainable and eco-friendly product – bamboo bottle to quench your thirst.

In a world full of plastic products which are not biodegradable and make its way to marine ecology eradicating several species, Borah’s idea saves the day.

One of the most frequently used daily products, plastic bottles have seen a meteorite rise in production, concerning the environmentalist across the world.

To address this problem and also to make his company’s product different, Borah started manufacturing bottles which were completely made of bamboos.

“Our family business of manufacturing bamboo furniture, kitchen utensils, and agricultural implements was doing well. However, I wanted to give a new design to the utility products such as cups, mugs, and bottles.” Borah said talking about the inception of his idea.

These bamboo bottles are completely organic and are made with durable bamboo – baluka (Bambusa balcooa). The caps of the bottle are air-tight and also made of bamboos.

“The main concern people had about using my bottles were how air-tight were these bottles,” said Borah. Explaining the engineering put behind moulding the bamboo into an air-tight cap, he said that the machines that give the shape to the caps are difficult to get and requires great work.

Each bottle takes around 4-5 hours for manufacturing, including the process of cutting, drying, boiling, joining, and finishing the bamboo.

Understanding the power of e-commerce websites, Borah started selling his unique product on various websites. These bottles are sold at a price between Rs 400- Rs 600. On asking if there are any competitor to his bottles, he proudly said, “ Right now we do not have any competitor in the country.”

Borah shares that a brand in China makes bamboo bottles, but they add different materials inside the bottle such as glass and metal. He has filed for a patent right for his product in India.

“We are planning to make big bottles which can carry 2 or more litres of water,” Borah shyly replied when asked about his future plans.

The new design will come in October. Borah is also trying various methods to make people aware of his product since the internet is not accessible to a huge chunk of the population.

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