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Youngest Author in India! Tales by a 4-year old

The millenial generation works faster than the generation preceding them, they think creatively and their work is stupendously out of the box.

Assam harbours among many of these talented new age kids, a certain Ayan Gogoi Gohain, a four-year-old kid who in an outstanding feat has officially been declared the ‘Youngest Author in India’ by the India Book of Records.

Ayaan is a KG-2 student and has been awarded the title for his book Honeycomb published by Authorspress Publications, New Delhi.

Honeycombis a collection of 30 insightful anecdotes alongside thirty beautifully illustrated images by the child prodigy.

Quick-witted, self-serving and sensitive, Ayan started painting at the age of one and began composing stories at the age of three.

The book has been well reviewed by veterans of the literary filed such as Dilip Mohapatra who is a decorated Navy Veteran from Pune and an author and poet of international repute.

News like this inspire us and get our team going!


is indeed a culture than should be bloomed from a nascent age. Got any more such stories?

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